a Colony

In a Southern European, formerly industrial colony, an international group of politically active filmmakers is working on a documentary in order to discover more about the economical problems plaguing the continent. During the process, their ideals are put to the test as they start to stumble upon a number of dilemmas challenging themselves as well as the film subject, their friendship and their approach to reality itself.

'a Colony' is the cinematic result of a non-hegemonic collaborative process. The majority of the scenes was created through debates involving the entire workgroup. The cinematography is well-rooted into an analysis of the contemporary world, starting from collective research, grounded on the expression of individual opinions melded into each other.


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When we made this film we decided to discuss the scenes, the topics and the very meaning of the film together. The characters of the movie examplify our idea of creating platforms for people to share their opinions and thoughts. We hope you can contribute to the discussion by leaving a comment in the box below, or just by talking about it with friends or people around you.

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Share the movie, organize projections in your towns, keep the discussion going on!
This is one of the reason why we made the film and why we share it with a Creative Commons license!
For this mean we place at your disposition the movie, all subtitles and several formats of posters. You can print them, project them or just use them as wallpaper!



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